Garten of Banban

Welcome to ColoringKiz, your go-to website for all things coloring! Today, we embark on an exciting adventure into the eerie and mysterious world of Garten of Banban. This horror game, developed by the talented Euphoric Brothers, has captivated audiences worldwide since its release on January 6, 2023. While some may find the game’s dark themes unsettling, we’re here to introduce a creative and engaging way to experience Garten of Banban: through coloring pages!

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Unveiling the Darkness

Garten of Banban is set in Banban’s Kindergarten, a once-thriving school that became shrouded in mystery after all its students and staff vanished without a trace. As players take on the role of a new student, they enter an abandoned world fraught with danger and unknown horrors. The game’s atmospheric storytelling and immersive gameplay have left players on the edge of their seats, eagerly searching for answers behind the school’s dark history.

Exploring the Coloring Pages

ColoringKiz understands the allure of this captivating game and has partnered with Euphoric Brothers to bring you a series of Garten of Banban coloring pages. These intricate illustrations allow fans to dive deeper into the game’s chilling atmosphere while indulging their creativity. Each page is meticulously designed to reflect the game’s eerie setting, featuring abandoned classrooms, dimly lit hallways, and mysterious artifacts that hint at the school’s grim past.


Garten of Banban has captured the hearts of horror game enthusiasts worldwide, and ColoringKiz is thrilled to offer an interactive and artistic outlet for fans. These coloring pages allow you to delve deeper into the enigmatic world of the abandoned kindergarten, while offering a therapeutic escape from reality. Embrace the eerie atmosphere, let your colors whisper the untold stories of the vanished students, and unlock the mysteries hidden within Garten of Banban.

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